Line of Sight: Vietnam Cheats

In the game, press the “L” key to turn on the console, then delete the /tell command (you must do this every time you enter the password), then enter /cheatcheat and press Enter to turn on the cheating mode, and then you can enter the following password Up:

/Ac  invincible mode, unlimited ammo, flight mode
/Godmode  invincible mode switch
/Invis  invisible mode switch
/Fly  flight mode switch
/Ammo  ammo unlimited mode switch
/Fovs  enemy vision switch
/Winmission  win mission
/Losemission Mission failed
/Hitlermode  Hitler mode switch
/Stats Display game status information
/Astar  display path rendering switch
/Arrival  switch rendering arrival point
/Ec  shows the enemy’s perspective
/Dogmode  (unknown)
/Give  (unknown)
/Cvdraw  (unknown)
/Pathdraw  (unknown)
/Noint  (unknown)
/Wpcondraw  (unknown)
/Wpdraw  (unknown)

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