Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga game cheats

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga game cheats

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga game cheats

How to enter:
Enter in the toolbar of Mos Eisley’s small bar,  blue in the picture?  Enter the code (direction key control) at the place, and the input is successful, you will hear a sound similar to a cash machine, if it is a fart sound, the code is invalid.

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga game cheats1

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga game cheats2

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga game cheats3

Role related:
ACK646⇒Admiral Akbar⇒Fishhead
KPF958⇒Fighter Division Commander⇒
KLJ897⇒Jengo Fett⇒Bounty Hunter
LA811Y ⇒ Boba Fett ⇒ Son of Jango Fett
HHY697 ⇒ Nas ⇒ Gungan boss
QRN714 ⇒ General Tapas ⇒ Famous General Gungan
DDD748 ⇒ Earl Dooku ⇒ Jedi Knight, heir to Moore
H35TUX⇒ Darth Moore⇒ Former Apprentice of Sith
A32CAM⇒Darth Sidious⇒The Dark King
PMN576⇒General Grievous⇒Mechanical Organism
ZZR636⇒Grido⇒Bounty Hunter
GIJ989⇒IG-88 robot⇒
GUA850⇒Imperial Emperor’s Guards⇒
MUN486⇒Master Ji Adi Mundi⇒Master Cornhead Jedi
LUM521⇒Luminara⇒Master Jedi (female)
VBJ322⇒Padme Amidala⇒Skywalker mother
EVILR2⇒R2-Q5⇒Imperial Space Robot
CBR954⇒Imperial Desert Assault Force⇒
NBN431⇒Imperial Stormtrooper⇒
XZNR21⇒Super battle robot⇒
PRX482⇒Tom Wei⇒Camino, creator of clones
BDC866⇒Vulture Type 2 Combat Robot⇒Trade Alliance
PLL967⇒Wotu⇒Tato Machinery Parts Supplier
584HJF⇒Zam Wiesel⇒Female bounty hunter
AAB123⇒Robot Triple Fighter⇒
UUU875⇒Zam’s aircraft⇒
Other instructions:
BRJ437 ⇒ disguise
CLZ738⇒The Force Grab
FBM834⇒Energy Brick Detector
VXZ193⇒Stud Magnet
HS9K44⇒Invincible mode
HBF899⇒2 times the score
DQY857⇒4 times the score
NMP499⇒6 times the score
XXY99G⇒8 times the score
VXZ123⇒10 times score
FBM152⇒Minikit detector (small kit)
NUJ866⇒Infinite Torpedo



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