LEGO MARVEL’s Avengers game cheats

The method of using the cheat code is: Pause the game-Extra content-Enter the code

Cheat code Function description
2K8QCG Atomic bomb
3ZDB2W Zhao (Korean boy with high IQ)
8HG9HC Bengal
MJNFAJ Fat man
93NNGB Chase
BTS8M6 Water bellied snake
ZNCK2S Earl of Nephalia
UNECSY Rhomboid
WU9YBF Finesse (female)
RABVV7 Firebird (Spain)
4AKZ4G Iron Man (MK33-Silver Warlord)
M562MB Praying Mantis (Swordsman Lover)
N4YANB Quasar
MFUPE7 Scar (son of Hulk)
K66TQP Speed Magic
XP9QX9 Raider (Armor)
R9CWTF Swordsman (Master Eagle Eye)
JWRGP4 Lei Zhen
D4RREH Tiger Girl
A7BRT4 Veil (female)
9KFJ7A Aegis-Kun jet (small)


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