LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game cheats

Game cheats

Pause the game => Extras => Enter Code
Cheats function
KXFQ87 Beetle
P9OWL0 Black Catwoman
7HWU4L Captain America (Classic Edition)
AA0Z50 Fury (Red Venom of Black Spider-Man)
J58RSS Howard Ducks (Red Brick Mission)
B7AA3K soldier
2NGSRZ Iron Man (Type 17)
CK7SDS Iron Man (Type 38)
Q5X1J5 Steel Patriot
SZ8Q06 MODOK (by the big head of the aircraft)
WFOZXQ Spider-Man (Future)
H8CSE6 Thor (Classic Edition)
TQ4C57 Gears of War
OAW2LB Wolverine

Cheats function
5T3CQU Captain America’s red motorcycle
35E41W Pumpkin or something
D5B7O3 looks like a riot police car with headlights
SH9MZQ Spiderman’s motorcycle
UZFBG4 2 times the money

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