Lego Batman The Videogame Game Cheats

Lego Batman The Videogame Game Cheats

Lego Batman The Videogame Game Cheats

Enter the following password on the computer in Batcave to enable the corresponding secret trick function:
WYD5CP⇒Invincible mode
HJH7HJ⇒Automatic blood recovery
JXUDY6⇒Immune freeze
ML3KHP⇒HP increased by 2 blocks
XWP645 ⇒ Boomerang target increased
JRBDCB ⇒ Boomerang speed increased
RM4PR8⇒Flying tiger claw use speed increased
D8NYWH⇒Fire Boomerang (heat resistant)
XPN4NG⇒Ice Boomerang (Diving Suit)
TNTN6B ⇒ release more bombs (devil outfit)
N8JZEK⇒Bulletproof armor (devil outfit)
TL3EKT⇒360 degree range attack (sonic equipment)
XFP4E2⇒attacks with additional bats (sonic equipment)
BBD7BY⇒One hit kills (Gliding outfit)
TQ09K3⇒The button can be cloned and can be detonated by pressing (Technical equipment)
ZOLM6N ⇒ faster walking on the wall (magnetic equipment)
EVG26J⇒Quick absorption (gravity pack)
KHJ544⇒Fragment Tips (Gravity Pack)
RAFTU8⇒The car can whistle
9LRGNB⇒Continuous score doubling mode
DY13BD⇒You can pay for playing your own NPC
GEC3MD⇒Funny Mask
GHJ2DY⇒Crazy building blocks
EWAW7W⇒Open funny plot
KLKL4G⇒Walking like ice skating
ZXGH9J⇒Ordinary building block position reminder
MMN786⇒Red block position reminder
LK2DY4⇒The range of eating money increases
N4NR3E⇒2 times gold, stackable
CX9MAT⇒4 times gold, stackable
MLVNF2⇒6 times gold, stackable
WCCDB9⇒8 times gold, stackable
18HW07⇒10 times gold, stackable
Enter the following code to unlock different characters

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