Left 4 Dead 2 game cheats


Go to “Options” in the main menu, select “Keyboard/Mouse”, activate “Allow Developers Console”, press “~” in the game to turn on the console, enter “Sv_Cheats 1” and press Enter Key to activate the cheat code, then enter the following code:

Basic instructions

instruction Instruction description
Sv_Cheats 1 Turn on cheating mode
god 1 Invincible
noclip Through the wall flight mode
sv_infinite_ammo 1 Unlimited ammo without changing magazines
give health Full blood
give ammo Fill up the magazine
melee_range 70 (The default value is 70) The higher the damage range of the melee weapon, the farther it can be cut
sb_dont_bash 1 Force computer teammates not to push
sb_dont_shoot 1 Force computer teammates not to shoot
sb_all_bot_team 1 Server won’t shut down
sb_takecontrol * Switch control between 4 characters in the game (* means Ellis, Nick, Rochelle, Coach can also be switched randomly without the suffix)
sb_move 0 All computer teammates stop moving
sb_escort 1 Force all computer teammates to protect you and follow you
sb_open_fire 1 Force all computer teammates to keep firing
sb_crouch 1 Force all computer teammates to squat
sb_flashlight 1 Force all computer teammates to use flashlights (-1 means not to use them)
sb_give * Give all computers a prop or weapon (*represents the item name such as fireaxe, see the prop parameters below)
sb_give_random_weapon Randomly assign a weapon to each computer
cl_showfps 1 Display frame number (1=display frame number and map name 2=display frame number and smoothing rate 3=server information 4=display frame number and log file)
thirdpersonshoulder Third person mode (enter again to restore to the first person)
nb_delete_all Kick off all computer teammates and nearby zombies and all special zombies (but all zombies will still be refreshed)
nb_blind 1 All computer zombies can’t see you (but they will still attack you when they hit a zombie)
cl_drawhud 0 Close all interfaces including sight (realistic mode)
setinfo name * Change the player’s name (* means that you need to add “” to change your Chinese name)
sv_lan 1 LAN connection only (0=external network can be connected)
sb_max_team_melee_weapons 0~4 (Default value 1) According to your needs, if you want [BOT] equipped with Jinwu, adjust 4, and adjust 0 if you don’t use it.


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