Kung Fu Panda game cheats

Kung Fu Panda game cheats

Kung Fu Panda game cheats

In the main menu, select “Extras” and then “Cheats” and enter the following cheats (using the arrow keys):
Down, down, right, up, left ⇒ invincible
Down, right, left, up, down ⇒ unlimited strike
Up, down, up, right, left ⇒ quadruple damage
Down, up, left, right, right ⇒ big head mode (story)
Left, down, left, right, down ⇒ all multiplayer characters
Left, down, right, left, up⇒Dragon Warrior costume (multiplayer mode)
The game’s money level

The tenth level is the one that solves the organs in the snow. When all four balls are hit, the ground will sink and the panda will be pushed down by Tai Lung with a finger. At this time, you will be prompted to blow up all the eight doors to pass, bombs will fall from the sky, and wolves will emerge from all eight doors. First blow up seven of the doors, and then leave one door unsealed. Nine wolves will appear in the only gate at a time, one of which is archery and the other eight are melee combat. Kill all nine wolves, and another batch of nine will come out in a few seconds.

For each wave of counterattacks against the enemy, there is generally more than forty to fifty dollars.

The panda’s best skill here is the counterattack: hold down the defense, when the enemy is attacking, press a light or heavy blow to counterattack the enemy to death, the explosive money will also explode five times, the enemy’s long-range attack can also counterattack, just counterattack It’s not just an enemy in the middle and long range. Basically every wave can replenish the spent blue.

I saw the panda’s belly topped and his butt twisted, and a lot of money was picked up everywhere. Be careful not to be completely close to the door. It’s best to face the door and leave for three or four steps while leaving half the width for the archer wolf to come out.

This way, the efficiency of brushing money is relatively high. After playing for more than half an hour, I filled up all skills and bought all three sets of panda clothes. I don’t have to think about playing the same level repeatedly because of insufficient money to earn money. Up.

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