Korean War game cheats

Korean War game cheats

Korean War game cheats

Select one of our troops, press [F9], an input box will appear in the center of the screen:
KSWIN⇒You win the battle and pass the level directly.
KSLEVEL ⇒ 5 ranks for selected troops.
KSLEVELALL⇒All our troops are adjusted to the second level!
KSBOMB⇒We have an atomic bomb!
KSGOD⇒The selected troops become monkeys
KSSKILL⇒Selected troops to learn all tactics and skills
KSSCORE⇒Add one hundred points, you can play the hidden level and become a marshal.
KSMONEY⇒The money is ten thousand yuan.
KSNOSNOW⇒Hurry up and stop the heavy snow!

Other cheats:

In the game, you can actually “unlimited movement”, “unlimited range”, and even “unlimited possession of items”. And all this does not require a password!

Take “infinite movement” as an example: save a progress before the action, and then click on a unit of our army after the action, and the range of movement will appear. At this time, read the progress you just saved, and click on the map where you want to go after returning to the original progress. At this time, the unit of our army will move there! !

Take “Unlimited Range” as an example again: It is also to save a progress first, and after selecting “Attack”, the range appears, and then read the original progress, you can also achieve unlimited range! !

Another trick is to “copy items”: you can copy any item until you no longer want it! However, two progresses are required, and the two progresses cannot be in the same level, and still operate as before (passing the items back and forth in different levels?), that’s it! In short, as long as I use this method to perform “unlimited XX” when executing instructions with a range.

Maybe there are some more terrifying “infinite XX”, you can use your own imagination to create some, it is also very interesting to make it, I used this method to drive the armored vehicle into the bunker, and the tank was driven into the water!

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