King’s Bounty Warriors of the North game cheats

Kings Bounty Warriors of the North game cheats

King’s Bounty Warriors of the North game cheats

Press [Shift] + ~ in the game to open the console, enter:
money #⇒钱 (# is a number, the same below)
doublearmy #⇒Double the number of troops in the field (# is 1-5) (# can be empty)
crystal #⇒Magic crystal
rune #⇒Skill Rune
mana #⇒Set or return to full magic (# can be empty)
rage #⇒Set or return to full rage (# can be empty)
item item code ⇒ add equipment or item
(The item code can be found in the loc_ses.kfs file package
Find in the rus_items.lng file)
pet #⇒Pet level
leadership #⇒Hero leadership
magicbook⇒The hero acquires all magic (level 1)
And add 7 magic scrolls each
levelup #⇒hero level
name New name⇒Rename of hero
Item related
item black_dragon_egg⇒Black Dragon
item bonedragon_egg⇒Bone Dragon
item dragon_egg⇒Green Dragon
item red_dragon_egg⇒Red Dragon
item ice_dragon_egg⇒Ice Dragon
item metamorph_1⇒Wonderful equipment

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