Kings Bounty The Legend Game Cheats


Press “Shift+~” in the game to open the input box:

money number-increase or decrease the player’s money amount. (This is basically useless, now it’s 1018K, and I can’t spend it all.)

boat — Summon a boat.

canfly — With a Pegasus, you can fly.

name — Rename the hero.

doublearmy 1~5 —Double the number of troops in the corresponding column, and the number defaults to double all 5 columns. (This should be everyone’s favorite. There is no need to return to the city to make up soldiers in the wild, and… You can change a dragon into a group)

levelup number-increase the hero level, the number defaults to increase by 1 level.

magicbook — The hero learns all magic (level 1) and adds 7 magic scrolls each. (This can be)

crystal number — Give the corresponding number of magic crystals.

rune number — Give the corresponding number of runestones of 3 series skills. (Please restraint)

mana number — Increase the maximum magic value to the corresponding value, and the number defaults to full magic value.

rage number-increase the maximum rage value to the corresponding value, the number defaults to full rage value.

fps —Display fps in the upper left corner.

item item code — add equipment or items (item code can be found in the rus_items.lng file of the loc_ses.kfs file package). The following reply shows the code of the whole dragon egg

leadership numbers-increase the hero’s leadership. (It’s better not to change this, otherwise it’s really boring.)

The dragon egg code below.

item space plus the following code

black_dragon_egg black dragon

bonedragon_egg bonedragon (dead dragon bones… how to breed eggs… I am curious. I am curious)

dragon_egg green dragon

red_dragon_egg red dragon

ice_dragon_egg ice dragon

metamorph_1 This is a wonderful equipment that can add 4 points of intelligence, strength, defense, 2000 leadership, 1 point of speed, 20 points of anger, and mana. But it can be changed, that is, you can change which attribute you want to change.

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