King’s Bounty Crossworlds game cheats


Kings Bounty Crossworlds game cheats

King’s Bounty Crossworlds game cheats

Press [Shift] in the game: ~ Open the console, enter the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect.
Tip: # in the cheats represents a number, please replace
Cheats list:
money #⇒Adjust the amount of money (# is any number, the same below)
name New name ⇒ Rename the hero
doublearmy #⇒Double the number of troops in the corresponding column (# is 1-5)
The default number is doubled for all 5 columns
levelup #⇒Upgrade hero level
magicbook⇒The hero learns all magic (level 1) and adds 7 magic scrolls each.
crystal #⇒Get#魔水晶 (# is a number)
rune #⇒Get#Skill Rune
mana #⇒Set the magic value
The number defaults to full magic value.
rage #⇒Set rage value
The number defaults to full rage value.
fps⇒display fps
item item code ⇒ add equipment or item
(The item code can be found in the rus_items.lng file of the loc_ses.kfs file package)
pet #⇒Upgrade the pet dragon level.
leadership #⇒Increase the leadership of the hero.
item battlemage_helm ⇒ Battlemage Helm XXXX
item cat_band⇒cat ear hoop OOOOO
item clay_plate⇒ clay pot
item commander_helm ⇒ commander’s helmet
item concentration_bandage⇒Concentration headband
item dwarf_helm⇒Miner’s helm
item full_helm⇒Full armor helmet
item guard_helm⇒Guardian Helmet
item horn_helm⇒horn helmet
item nomad_helm⇒Nomad helmet
item pandemonik_mask⇒Devil mask
item prismatic_helm⇒Prismatic Helmet
item simple_helm⇒Helmet
item straw_hat⇒Straw hat
item tournament_helm⇒Knight helmet
item warrior_helm⇒Samurai helmet
item wizard_hat⇒Mage hat
item young_mask⇒Speaker mask
item black_helm⇒Dark Helmet
item blackthorn_crown⇒Blackthorn wreath
item elf_crown⇒Elf Crown
item undertaking_mask⇒ funeral mask
item pandemonik_face⇒Abomination mask
item black_band⇒black band (one of the winner’s belts)
item chaos_crown⇒Chaos Crown (one of the Destroyer’s Gloves)
item horn_helm⇒horn helmet
item invisible_helm⇒Invisible hat (invisible suit)
item joker_hat⇒Fool’s Hat (Lucky Set)
item lightning_helm⇒ Tentacle Helmet (one of the young dragon dolls)
item metamorph_1⇒The changeable Axel
item metamorph_2⇒The changeable Axel
item metamorph_3⇒The changeable Axel
item metamorph_4⇒The changeable Axel
item metamorph_5⇒The changeable Axel
item metamorph_6⇒The changeable Axel
item metamorph_7⇒The changeable Axel
item nomad_helm⇒Nomad helmet
item undertaking_mask⇒Funeral Mask (Shaman Set)
item alebarda_pirates⇒Pirate halberd
item assassin_dagger⇒Assassin Dagger
item battle_axe⇒ battle axe
item battle_hammer⇒Warhammer
item crag_axe⇒ Berserker Axe
item disciple_staff⇒Apprentice’s staff
item drill⇒spiral drill
item elconium⇒Stand of Training
item elven_bow⇒Elven bow
item fire_crossbow⇒Crimson Crossbow
item kerus_sword⇒Devil Sword
item knight_sword⇒Knight sword
item long_spear⇒Zhang eight spear
item mechanic_sword⇒Universal knife
item moon_sword⇒Silver Moon Sword
item pain_blade_⇒Blade of Pain
item rage_spear⇒ spear of rage
item ritual_spear⇒Sacrificial spear
item road_staff⇒travel stick
item scull_smasher⇒Smasher
item sentence_dagger⇒Blade of Judgment
item shtopir⇒Boning Knife
item silver_rapier⇒Silver Rapier Sword
item simple_sword⇒Long sword
item sling_⇒Sling
item sloe_hammer⇒Blackthorn Hammer
item thunder_musket⇒Thunder Musket
item titan_pick⇒Titan Pickaxe
item whip_isshara⇒Whip of Torment
item yew_bow⇒Yew bow
item bloodsucker_sword⇒Blood Sucker Sword
item equilibrium_sword⇒balance sword
item hammer_kingtorn⇒The king’s hammer
item insanity_staff⇒Insanity Staff
item ogre_club⇒Ogre Rod
item sword_dragonslayer⇒dragonslayer
item thousand_soul_sword⇒Earth Soul Bow
item adept_staff⇒Skiller’s Staff
item arbator⇒Continuous crossbow
item blood_scream_dagger⇒Singing Dagger
item druid_staff⇒Druid Staff
item dwarf_arbaleth⇒Continuous crossbow
item king_axe_d13⇒Storm Battle Axe. Level III
item king_axe_d23⇒Frost Battle Axe. Level III
item king_axe_d33⇒Thunder Axe. Level III
item ktahu_claws⇒Ktahu’s claws
item master_bow⇒Master bow
item rune_sword⇒Rune sword
item simple_training_sword⇒ training sword
item arhmage_staff⇒Archmage Staff
item dark_sword⇒Dark sword
item greatdruid_staff⇒Great Druid Staff
item inquisitor_sword⇒Sacred Sword
item light_sword⇒light sword
item demetrios1 ⇒ Fierce Demon Halberd. Level I
item rage_blade⇒Gladiator sword
item necromancer_adept_staff⇒Necromancer staff
item astral_bow⇒Nebula Bow
item bloodsucker_sword⇒Blood Sucker Sword (Vampire Set)
item demetrios3⇒Ferocious Demon Halberd. Level III
item demetrios2⇒Ferocious Demon Halberd. Level II
item demetrios1 ⇒ Fierce Demon Halberd. Level I
item elemental_sword⇒Elemental Sword
item fire_sword⇒Fire Storm Sword
item ice_sword⇒Sword of Frost Storm
item ghost_sword⇒Ghost sword (invisible set)
item jolly_roger⇒Happy short sword
item life_bow⇒Bow of Life (Life Set)
item life_branch⇒Life tree twig
item pain_blade_⇒Blade of Pain
item shovel⇒Shovel (one of the young dragon dolls)
item sun_ray⇒Lightforged Sword (Light Set)

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