King’s Bounty Armored Princess game cheats


Kings Bounty Armored Princess game cheats

King’s Bounty Armored Princess game cheats:
Press “Shift+~” in the game to open the input box:

money number — increase or decrease the player’s money amount.

boat — Summon a boat.

canfly — With a Pegasus, you can fly.

name — Rename the hero.

doublearmy 1~5 — Double the number of troops in the corresponding column, and the number defaults to double all 5 columns.

levelup number-increase the hero level, the number defaults to increase by 1 level.

magicbook —The hero learns all magic (level 1) and adds 7 magic scrolls each.

crystal number — Give the corresponding number of magic crystals.

rune number — Give the corresponding number of 3 series skill runestones.

mana number — Increase the maximum magic value to the corresponding value, and the number defaults to full magic value.

rage number-increase the maximum rage value to the corresponding value, the number defaults to full rage value.

fps —Display fps in the upper left corner.

item item code-add equipment or item (item code can be found in the rus_items.lng file of the loc_ses.kfs file package).

pet number — raise the level of the pet dragon.

leadership numbers-increase the hero’s leadership.


battlemage_helm= battlemage_helm

cat_band=cat ear band

clay_plate=clay plate

commander_helm=Commander’s Helmet

concentration_bandage=Concentration bandage

dwarf_helm=Miner’s Helmet

full_helm=full helmet

guard_helm=guard helmet

horn_helm=horn helmet

nomad_helm=Nomad helmet

pandemonik_mask=Devil Mask

prismatic_helm=Prismatic Helmet


straw_hat=straw hat

tournament_helm=tournament helmet

warrior_helm=Warrior Helmet

wizard_hat= wizard hat

young_mask=Speaker mask

black_helm=Black Helmet

blackthorn_crown=blackthorn garland

elf_crown=elf crown

undertaking_mask=Funeral mask

pandemonik_face= Mask of Abomination



assassin_dagger=Assassin Dagger

battle_axe= battle axe

battle_hammer= battlehammer

crag_axe= Berserker Axe

disciple_staff=Apprentice Staff


elconium=Stand of Training

elven_bow=Elven Bow

fire_crossbow=Crimson Crossbow

kerus_sword=Kerus Sword

knight_sword=knight sword

long_spear=Zhangba Spear

mechanic_sword=Universal knife

moon_sword=Silver Moon Sword

pain_blade_= painblade

rage_spear=Rage Spear

ritual_spear=Sacrificial Spear

road_staff=Travel stick


sentence_dagger=Sentence Dagger

shtopir=Boning Knife

silver_rapier=Silver Rapier



sloe_hammer=Blackthorn Hammer

thunder_musket=Thunder Musket

titan_pick=Titan Pick

whip_isshara=whip of torture

yew_bow=Yew bow

bloodsucker_sword=Blood Sucker Sword

equilibrium_sword=equilibrium sword


insanity_staff=Insanity Staff

ogre_club=Ogre Club


thousand_soul_sword=Soul Bow

adept_staff=Skiller’s Staff

arbator=Continuous Crossbow

blood_scream_dagger=Screaming Dagger

druid_staff=Druid Staff

dwarf_arbaleth=Burst crossbow

king_axe_d13=Storm Battle Axe. Level III

king_axe_d23=Frost Battle Axe. Level III

king_axe_d33=Thunder Axe. Level III

ktahu_claws=Ktahu’s Claws

master_bow=master bow

rune_sword=rune sword

simple_training_sword=Sword for training

arhmage_staff=Archmage Staff

dark_sword=dark sword

greatdruid_staff= greatdruid staff

inquisitor_sword=Holy Sword

light_sword=light sword

demetrios1=Demetrios Halberd. Level I

rage_blade=Gladiator Sword


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