Kingdom Come Deliverance game cheats


Console mod

Need to download cheatmod first: click to enter

Use tutorial

After unzipping the file, copy it to the Data folder of the game directory, enter the game and press “~” to call up the console, and then enter the code.

Attributes increased by 20 code

Cheat_set_stat_level stat:str level:20

Cheat_set_stat_level stat:agi level:20

Cheat_set_stat_level stat:vit level:20

Cheat_set_stat_level stat:spc level:20

Skill upgrade 20 level code

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:alchemy level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:drinking level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:herbalism level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:horse_riding level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:hunter level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:lockpicking level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:repairing level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:pickpocketing level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:reading level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:stealth level:20

Battle upgrade 20 level code

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:defense level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_axe level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_bow level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_mace level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_sword level:20

Cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_unarmed level:20

Set the health value to XXX (cannot exceed 100)

Cheat_set_state state:health value:XXX

Set the energy value to XXX (cannot exceed 100)

Cheat_set_state state:exhaust value:XXX

Delete the specified id item in the inventory

Cheat_remove_item id:XXX

Delete all items in the inventory


Stop bleeding and injuries


Get the immortal buff immortality


Lift immortality


Show all available console commands

Cheat_eval cheat:print_methods(cheat)

Unlock all recipes


Archive immediately (also available in battle)


Show your wanted status in the NPC’s field of vision

Want to pay

Cheat_set_wanted_level level:1

Want to go to jail

Cheat_set_wanted_level level: 2

Want to die

Cheat_set_wanted_level level:3

Let the guard kill himself

Cheat_set_wanted_level level: 4

Temporarily close all storage box unlocking games (recover after restarting the game)


An unlocking game that temporarily closes all doors


Temporarily close all unlocking games


Temporarily close the pickpocketing game (still may be caught)


Make all merchants accept stolen goods (restart the game invalid)

Cheat_set_all_merchants_fence enable:true

Wash yourself and your horse (including blood stains)


Item code list

Add items to the backpack “XXX indicates the code of the item you want to add”

“Cheat_add_item id:XXX”

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