Killing Floor 2 game cheats


Enter enablecheats before hitting the cheat code to cheat.

Cheating command:

Allweapons (give you a bunch of assault rifles and shotguns, but not all guns)

Imrich (Give 1w money, it’s inexhaustible)

Open tradermenu (you can only use it after playing a wave, open the shop menu anywhere, buy anything)

healme 100 (fill up blood)

Allammo (fill up bullets)

Armorme 100 (full armor)

God (Life is unlimited)

Change map:

Open kf-outpost (build a SOLO room, currently there are only 3 maps: KF-outpost kf-burningparis kf-bioticslab)

Pause (Pause the game, just use ESC for single player)

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