Just Cause 2 game cheats

Just Cause 2 game cheats

Just Cause 2 game cheats:
WASD: People move
Space: Jump and pull out the paraglider
left mouse button: shooting
Right mouse button: Throw grenade, hold down to delay
C: Close the shoulder angle of view, provided that dual wielding weapons cannot be used
Shift: Speed ​​up (take off when flying)
Ctrl: Squat down, chicken ribs (descent when driving a plane)
R: Change the bullet
F1: Call up the map
1 2 3: Choose weapon 1 2 is one-handed weapon 3 is two-handed weapon
4: Calling the merchant’s plane, the key point is valid only on the open ground
G: Switch grenades
Pulley: Adjust weapon, you can choose dual wielding or single hand gun
F: Shoot the claws. Press and hold F (Hold F) to catch the enemy. At this time, if you aim at other objects and press F again, you can connect the two objects
Q: Close attack is more powerful
E: Take the vehicle and use the medical kit
LAlt: Left Alt, let the protagonist stand on the vehicle. When driving the vehicle, press alt to stand on the boat, car, or plane. You can also jump directly onto a stationary car
Some tips:
(1) With the hook and claw connection skills, you can play many tricks, such as connecting the enemy and the hydrogen cylinder to blow the bottle together to make a fake Superman or connecting two enemies together and hit each other to death (the second level needs to help the old man pull The car also uses this skill)
(2) When using the hook to fly forward quickly, press the Sapce to shoot the paraglider. You don’t have to go to a high place to use the paraglider.
(3) When you go to a place where the map is not easy to navigate, you can press 4 to call out the merchant helicopter, buy an airplane or car and escape from here

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