Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game cheats

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game cheats

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game:
jjgod⇒Invincible mode
jjguns ⇒ all guns
jjbird ⇒ bird
jjmorph⇒Transformation (green rabbit/red rabbit/bird/frog)
jjcoins ⇒ Get 25 coins
jjshield⇒Energy shield
jjpower⇒Power increase
jjrush⇒Quick sprint
jjkill ⇒ suicide
jjnext⇒Next level
jjnowall⇒through wall mode
Replenish all ammunition and obtain all weapons
(Not upgraded, full ammo).

jjq⇒Exit the game
jjfire ⇒ fire fast
Note: You can switch the window/full screen mode through the Ctrl+Enter hotkey.

JJ is to open the password input command function, which will be displayed on the interface when inputting.

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