Jagged Alliance game cheats

Jagged Alliance game cheats

Jagged Alliance game cheats


In the battle mode of the game, you can use the Ctrl+F keys to stop the enemy’s actions (so that the enemy can only be beaten and not fight back).

Money modification

Modify GAME? .SAV, here? For the archive number, the address of the money is from DISP 0240 to DISP 0244 of SECT 0040.

Parameter modification method of our fighters

Before the game starts, please select the “Quick save at any time” item. After saving in the battle (do not run the buffer program Smartdrv, otherwise it may crash when saving), return to DOS, modify the archive file QUICK.SAV, the address of the names of our 8 soldiers In the 8 sectors of SECT 00 00-SECT 0007, the few bytes after DISP 0368 are names, DISP 0389 is health, and DISP 0396-0404 are physical strength, agility, strength, wisdom, medicine, blasting, and machinery. , Shooting, level, just change the above to 64.

The production and improvement of weapons

Glass bottle + gasoline + petroleum + rags can be made into incendiary bombs, which are more powerful than grenades.

Explosives + detonators can be made into 10-second delay bombs, which are powerful and can be used to blow walls.

Steel pipes can be used to improve guns and enhance their power and accuracy. Except for .38 pistols and .12 Wins naval rifles, other guns can be improved.

Compound No. 17 can strengthen the defense of armor.

Not limited by action points

When our teammate moves and exceeds the allowed action points, pay attention to the decrease of the teammate’s action points. When it is about to zero, press the right button on his image, the image will be flipped over, and 3 buttons will appear. Press the Reserve Points button, and then press the right mouse button to turn the image back. It can be seen that the teammates will continue to walk, but are no longer restricted by any action points, so they can move to any designated place Up.


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