Insaniquarium game cheats


Insaniquarium game cheats

Insaniquarium game cheats

1) The secret of tank6-1

No matter it is adventure or bonus mode, there is no Tank 6-1 level in the game. The so-called Tank 6-1 is a bug. After the player has passed the final boss battle (Tank 5-1), switch to another player name, and then switch back to the original one, you can enter Tank 5-2. After passing Tank 5-2, you can play until 5-5. Repeatedly earn bonus shells!!! Every time there are 10k, 15k to 35k. This is a huge sum of money for players who have just cleared the level and have not many shells. After passing 5-5 (actually the 5th Tank 5-1), I entered Tank 6-1, and then I couldn’t pass the level anyway, because it was a bug. Of course, no conditions were set.

2) Game cheats

Enter the following strings in the game to get various special effects.

TIME⇒The time is displayed in the lower right corner, and it will be cancelled if you enter it again.
ZOMBIE⇒The fish becomes a dead fish. If you enter it again, it will be cancelled.
SPACE⇒Universe background. Enter again to cancel.
VOID⇒No background, re-enter will cancel.
GIVE⇒Give the shell to other players.
B⇒Add a bubble.
WAVY⇒The water tank displays ripples, and it will be cancelled if you enter it again.
SUPERMEGAULTRA⇒Change the sound effect of Prego (the pet that gave birth to the small fish) when raw fish, and input it again to cancel.
WELOVEBETATESTERS⇒Change the bubble sound effect of Prego to the sound effect of raw fish.
PREGO⇒Restore the sound effect of Prego.
Sandbox cheats:
3) Secrets of Sandbox

Sandbox mode is actually a scene set by the aquarium programmers for debugging convenience. The prerequisite for entering the Sandbox is to obtain the silver cup (after clearing the level, buy all 4 hidden pets and 4 pets, 7 pets are eligible to play at the same time), and then enter in the main interface

[Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] b a

The reward for entering the Sandbox mode is to directly obtain 11 pets and qualify to play at the same time (avoid the trouble of collecting 33 pets/alien allusions to obtain the gold cup). In the Sandbox, you can do whatever you want, and do whatever you want.

Enter the following cheats to get the corresponding fish/pet/alien.


2⇒Carnivore (carnivorous fish)
4⇒Four claws
5⇒Guppy Cruncher (*guppy fish)
6⇒Beetle Muncher (Grill that eats beetles)
7⇒Breeder (mother fish)
8⇒Ultravore (large predatory fish)
General pet

Hide pets (please enter in uppercase)


Can also be used in Sandbox


To change the background of the aquarium. In addition, if you enter the aquarium in any mode (except Virtual Tank) without a pet, and then enter the Sandbox after saving and exiting, you can hear the background music of the previously selected aquarium.
Other secrets+
4) The secret of the closing remarks

After clearing the level (played Tank 5-1), a congratulatory message will appear. One of the sections will vary slightly depending on the number of pets remaining. details as follows:

“Thanks For Playing. We’ll See You again Next Game”

(When there are 1-7 pets remaining)

“Also, you saved a fair number of pets yourself. Good job!””Thanks For Playing. We’ll See You again Next Game”

(With 8-12 pets remaining)

“Hmmm… actually it looks like not that many pets died. Great work!! Thanks For Playing. We’ll See You again Next Game”

(With 13-14 pets remaining)

“Whoa, hold on… Only (2/3) pets died?! That’s Incredible!! Good shooting, there! Thanks For Playing. We’ll See You again NextGame”

(With 15-16 pets remaining)

“My Goodness! That’s it? You only lost one pet?! That’s unbelievable!! How the heck did that happen?! You rule this game!!Thanks For Playing. We’ll See You again Next Game”

(With 17 pets remaining)

“Wait a minute! You didn’t lose any pets?! How did you do that? That’s really amazing! Seriously though… How did you do that??Fine, keep it to yourself. Thanks For Playing. We’ll See You again Next Game”

(When all alive)

5) The secret of aquarium operating parameters

In fact, when the aquarium is running, you can add parameters to achieve different functions. The available parameters are as follows:

-version⇒Display version information
-record⇒Record the current game process
-play⇒ Replay the game process
For example, using InsaniquariumDeluxe.exe -record

Enter the game in this way, then every move of the player will be recorded. After the game is over, use InsaniquariumDeluxe.exe -play

Enter, the game will automatically play the process recorded by the last player.

Strange fish in the store:
6) The secret of the virtual store

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