Insane game cheats

Insane game cheats

Insane game cheats

Enter the following cheats directly in the main menu of the game:

U.S. Edition European version Effect
fillmygarage ineedmorecars All cars
rollerbearing gokartz Small tire
monstertruck bigfootz Big tire
championsaves All courses
balloonnuts bigheadz Big head mode
fistfighter boxerz Big hand mode
speedracer Acceleration
moonwalk manonthemoon Low gravity
glued Reduced slip track
greasy Wet track
kingofthehills terraformers Generate track
worldtraveller ineedmoremaps All tracks
fonekart Reward track
terraformer Tracking generator
championshipsareus All tournaments
cactaceae championship
teachme Tutorials
celebration Celebration scene
winbycheat imacheater Press [Ctrl] + W to win

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