Infra game cheats

Infra game cheats

Infra game cheats

Activate cheats mode:
1. First use the command line parameters -dev -console to start the game.

2. In the game, press ~ to turn on the console, first enter sv_cheats 1 to activate the cheats mode.

3. Then enter the following commands to get the corresponding effect.

Game cheats:
Press ~ to enter
god⇒God mode
give [item name] ⇒ get the specified item
buddha⇒Life reduction
hurtme #⇒The player is hurt by # points (# is a number, the same below)
impulse 101 ⇒ all weapons
notarget⇒Invisible mode
noclip⇒through wall/flight mode
maps⇒display map list
map [map name]⇒Load map
For example: map INFRA_c7_m5_powerstation
+mlook⇒Lock the mouse
viewmodel_fov #⇒Set weapon size (default 54).
exec [script]⇒Run script
cl_showfps 1⇒Display frame number
npc_create⇒Create NPC.
setpos⇒Teleport player
sv_gravity #⇒Set gravity
sv_stopspeed #⇒Set minimum stop speed
sv_maxvelocity #⇒Set the maximum speed of moving items
air_density #⇒Set air density
give item_aa_batteries⇒Get camera batteries
give item_d_batteries⇒Get flashlight battery
prop_physics_create props_clutter/crate_03⇒Crate
ent_fire !picker unlock⇒Open the closed door
Command line start:
1. Ordinary users: game shortcut, right click => properties => shortcut => target => add -dev -console after infra.exe

2. Steam users: game properties => general => set startup options => enter -dev -console

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