Independence Day game cheats

Independence Day game cheats

Independence Day game cheats

Use the following and cheats as the name, then press [Ctrl] + [Right Shift] + 8 to display the cheats menu and corresponding options.
LIVE FREE⇒Invincible
TOURIST⇒City, tourism, etc.
FOX ROX⇒Select level
MR HAPPY⇒Choose airplane
KIWI⇒Choose aircraft, weapons, invincibility, etc.
KYRA NR⇒All options
BRENDAN QR⇒All options
DOOFUS⇒All options
GREG FM⇒All options
SCOTTYWAR⇒All options
ROSA DUONG⇒All options
COCO⇒All options
RADARMY⇒All options
DAB DAB⇒All options
TRI S⇒All options

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