Icewind Dale game cheats

Icewind Dale game cheats

Icewind Dale game cheats

The cheats are applicable to V1.5 and above. (Note that the cheats are case sensitive)

Open the game directory “icewind.ini” with Notepad, find [Game Options] and add a line below


Save and exit, re-enter the game.

Game cheats:

Press Ctrl+Tab at the same time to bring up the console, and then enter “CHEATERSDOPROSPER:EnableCheatKeys();” (don’t forget the semicolon!)

[Ctrl] + J⇒Move the selected character to the position specified by the cursor
[Ctrl] + K⇒Kill the selected monster or NPC
[Ctrl] + R⇒Cure or revive the selected character
[Ctrl] + U⇒Get 12000-72000 experience points
[Ctrl] + Y⇒Kill the selected monster or NPC, or increase 5000 gold coins when no one is selected
[Ctrl] + 4⇒Show trap
[Ctrl] + 9⇒Display the range box of the character
Additional cheats

Press Ctrl+Tab to bring up the console and enter the following cheats:

CHEATERSDOPROSPER:ExploreArea();⇒Show map
CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Hans();⇒Send to the position specified by the cursor
CHEATERDOPROSPER:SetCurrentXP([number]);⇒The experience value assigned to the selected character
CHEATERDOPROSPER:AddGold([number]);⇒Team add money cheats
CHEATERDOPROSPER: Midas();⇒Add 500 coins to the team
CHEATERSDOPROSPER: FirstAid(); ⇒ get 5 healing potions, 5 antidote potions, 1 stone scroll

To use cheats, first run Config.exe of Iwd2 to activate cheats mode

Then press [Ctrl] + [Tab] in the game at the same time to enter the cheat mode, there is an input box at the bottom, and then type any of the following letters to activate the cheat mode:

ctrlaltdelete:hans()⇒Teleport the selected character to the specified location
ctrlaltdelete: midas()⇒500 gold
ctrlaltdelete:addgold([number])⇒get the specified amount of money
ctrlaltdelete:explorearea()⇒Show map
ctrlaltdelete:setcurrentxp([number])⇒Add experience points to the currently selected character
ctrlaltdelete:setchapter([0-6])⇒Skip the game to the specified chapter (the prologue is chapter 0)
ctrlaltdelete:movetoarea(“AR[number]”)⇒ jump to the specified map
(The data folder under Disc 2 has the name of the relevant area)
ctrlaltdelete:createitem(“[item name]”,[number])⇒create item
ctrlaltdelete:createcreature(“[creature number]”)⇒Summon monsters
ctrlaltdelete:addspell(“[spell name]”)⇒The selected character learns the specified magic
Other cheats

After using ctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys() to activate the cheats, press the following key combination to activate the corresponding cheats

[Ctrl] + C⇒Chapter plot playback
[Ctrl] + J⇒Move the team to the specified location
[Ctrl] + Y⇒Kill the selected target.
[Ctrl] + K⇒Kill the selected monster or expel the team member
[Ctrl] + R⇒Cure the selected character
[Ctrl] + U⇒Get any experience value

BUG list
1. Symbol of Correlon Lorethian necklace

This treasure can reduce your THAC0 (hit rate) by 2 points when equipped. However, if you remove it and equip it again, you will be surprised to find that your THAC0 is 2 points longer! And you can keep repeating this practice until you get bored (I don’t know what the upper limit is, I really have no patience to try it…). Moreover, if you save a file and retrieve the file, the points you have won will not be restored. But with this method, playing this game will hardly experience any fun…

2. The disappearing snake queen

This bug may not be encountered by everyone, but I actually ran into it… In the second chapter, when I played the boss snake queen, due to my lack of preparation, she was chased to the entrance of the maze. In desperation, I had to go back to the upper floor and take a rest. But when I returned to the maze, I couldn’t find the queen anywhere… In the end I had to take the previous progress and start again. : D

3. The holy water of enaini

This is a task in Chapter 3. When you give her the bucket of holy water you got in the game, Den Aini will thank you and say to give you something. But… she didn’t give you anything! 🙁

4. Valestis’ garden

In Severed Hand, a ghost named Valestis will ask you to help him find something to restore his garden, but when you give him all the things he needs (Seeds, Pure Water, Squirrels, and Birds), he I told you that the original appearance of the garden cannot be restored! God knows why…

5. The Book of Orrick and Mythal

In the first chapter, Orrick, the magician of Kuldahar, will ask you to investigate the Severed Hand. After you get the Book of Mythal there, you can go back and talk to him. But now the problem comes out-the game will prompt that he gave you a treasure, but you can’t get anything! The worse is still to come. If you talk to him about what you got, the dialogue bar of the game will be grayed out, and then the whole game will be stuck here. You can’t proceed anymore, you have to just close the game. That’s okay… It’s said that this bug has been corrected in the new beta patch, but if you have talked to him before, you still can’t get anything…

6. The profiteers of Lower Dorn’s Deep

The Rhino Beetle Shell can be picked from some monsters in Lower Dorn’s Deep. If you give this item to a dwarven businessman in the underground black market of Lower Dorn’s Deep, he will tell you that if you pay him, he can use it to give You proofing equipment. But when you gave him the money (tens of thousands…), he didn’t give you anything!

7. Customs clearance not counted as clearance

Same as above, this BUG made me spend nearly half an hour to replay the final boss…

What happened after I took a lot of effort to kill the last BOSS-originally there should be a clearance animation after killing him, but after killing him, there is no animation, and I wandered there. For a long time, nothing happened, and finally I had to fight again.

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