Human Fall Flat game cheats

General instructions

1. Ctrl+F6, freeze/thaw screen (only for single machine).

2. Ctrl+F8, open the free view mode (God view, can only be turned on after clearing), Q rises, Z falls, the middle mouse button wheel zooms in to zoom out the view, and click the middle to restore the normal view.

3. Ctrl+Shift+T, slow motion, the time becomes twice as slow (only single machine).

4. Ctrl+Shift+R, frame-by-frame video capture (it will slow down the game time and export to PNG, showing the game becomes a card).

5.Tab, display the serial number and name of the player in the room.

6.T, open the chat dialog box.

7.~, turn on the console.

Dialog instructions

T key to open the chat dialog, the font size and color can be adjusted.

1. Change the font size, enter <size=88> (here 88 is the size of the font), to restore to the normal size, just enter the following:</ size> If it doesn’t work, just enter <size=16 >.

2. To change the font color, enter <color=red> or <color#00fffa> (where red and #00fffa are the color codes), and then press enter to change the font color. To restore the normal color, just You need to enter the following:</color> If it doesn’t work, just enter: <color=white>.

Console command

Press ~ to turn on the command console, and you can enter commands after turning it on.

1. Input /list to display the numbers and names of all players in the room (Tab can be viewed directly).

2. Enter /kick+space+player’s serial number to kick the player (exclusive to the host).

3. Enter /mute+space+player’s serial number to mute the player (exclusive to the host).

4. Enter /guns to discard the firecracker in the Christmas room.

5. Enter the fps and enter the first person mode, a very challenging mode.

6. ​​Enter climbcheat to turn on the climbing cheat mode to make your climbing easier.

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