Hulk game cheats

Hulk game cheats

Hulk game cheats

Enter the following password in the “Options/Code” of the game:

FLSHWND⇒Double speed
ANGMNGT ⇒ Maintain full rage value
GRNCHTR⇒Unlimited renewal
HLTHDSE⇒Double life
BRNGITN⇒Double the life of the enemy
MMMYHLP⇒The enemy’s life is halved
FSTOFRY⇒One hit kills?
BRCESTN⇒Solve the puzzle
NMBTHIH⇒Reset the leaderboard
TRUBLVR⇒Open all related cards
parameter settings:

Create an “args.txt” in your game installation directory (the directory with Hulk.exe), and then enter the following (
-supersoak⇒Open all special functions (cheats/movies)
-fesoak⇒Turn on all (cheat/art/movie/challenge mode)
-soak⇒Start directly from the first level
Some other parameters>:

-lighthack⇒ unknown
-window⇒ window mode
-framerateicon⇒ display frame
-drawcode⇒ unknown
-nosound⇒ mute
-nocd⇒ unknown
Other cheats:

Find “Game Terminal” in the game, and enter the following password:

SANFRAN⇒Open “Hulk Transformed” Movie Art
PITBULL⇒Open “Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs” Movie Art
FIFTEEN⇒Open “Desert Battle” Movie Art
NANOMED⇒Open “Hulk Movie F/X”
JANITOR⇒Turn on Gray Hulk


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