How to use Minecraft game cheats

How to use Minecraft game cheats

I will sort out the secrets of “Minecraft” for everyone, let’s take a look.

Hcharger_hs_training: map instruction map charger_hs_training
Witch_crown: map instruction map witch_training
Suvi8 map creation command: map suvi8

1/register XXX XXX is the password Register account
/Login XXX XXX is the password login account
/Changepassword old password new password change password

About home and delivery
/Spawn teleport to the main city
/Back teleport to the dead point or the last teleported point
/Sethome set (home)
/Home send to (home)
/Myspawn back to the bed
/Tpa XX Teleport to the player (player’s consent required)
/Tpaccept The player agrees to send

About territory and protection
/Res create Territory name Create territory
/Res remove Territory name Delete territory
/Res pset Apartment name Player name true Give other players permission to protect the area
/Res tp Area name Send to a protected area

[Private] Items are locked
put the wooden sign in front of the box and enter:
The first line: [Private]
Second line: empty
Third line: Other people who can use this box
Fourth line: Other people who can use this box
Using this method, you can also lock doors and coal stoves, etc.

About team formation and competition
/Party name Create or join a party
/Party q Exit the party
/Invier name invite players to team up
/Accept accept invitation
/Ptp name move to teammate
/P xx team chat
/Fight enter the arena
/Fight leave

About system secret
/Money Check your own money
/Psy Name Amount of money Give money to others
/Stats Check your skills
/Mctop View the overall ranking of server skills
/Mctop xxx View the ranking of a certain skill server
/List Check the number of online users or use the [Tab] button

The above is the “Minecraft” cheats. The way to use the cheats is to directly /XXXX in the game. Generally speaking, home and sethome will do. This will not be too bad, but will reduce the game’s playability. Finally, I will say one God-level cheats for pit teammates: kill all

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