House of the Dead 3 game cheats

House of the Dead game cheats

House Of The Dead 3 game cheats:
In the main menu, press and hold Ctrl while typing:

SKIDMARX-option to start cheating and edit character attributes

CREATURE-activate biological test mode

Use a leading actor

If you want to use THOMAS ROGAN, the male protagonist of the “House Of The Dead” generation in ORIGINAL MODE, you must get the first place in PLAYER RANKING. After entering TORANKU of ORIGINAL MODE, the player chooses RO-GANNO GURUMI. In this way, players can choose to use THOMAS ROGAN. In addition, if the player completes the TRAINING MODE, they will get the “one-shot bullet”. After that, the player can equip this ITEM in ORIGINAL MODE, and then no matter what part the player hits, the enemy will be knocked down immediately!

Extended options in boss mode

Defeat all the bosses in the boss mode (boss mode), the king and all the boss options will be opened.

“Hit all bosses” mode

In the boss mode, you can defeat all bosses at once.

Get petrol bullet gun

On the 3 basilisks in the first level

Fire fast

Press A+B together to fire quickly.

Infinite bullets

Hit all bosses with a score of 5 stars, and “Hit all bosses” mode to get an infinite bullet in the normal mode.

Get all items

Complete the training mode or boss mode with all difficulty levels, and upgrade all items to more than 4 stars, you can get all items in the original mode.

Turn on training mode and boss mode

At the beginning of the game, these two options are not available, you only need to get through the original mode.

Get unlimited one-shot bullets

Get through the training mode with 5 stars.

Get a red star

Finished in original mode.

Enter the BONUS room (Japanese version only)

It must be cleared without killing any hostages and not allowing any hostages to be killed by zombies.

Display score (Japanese version only)

Enter on the title screen

Left Left Right Right Right Left Right Start.

Get incendiary gun

Shoot the heads of three zombies at the first juncture. If you successfully kill them with one shot, the incendiary gun will appear.

Unlimited access

Complete the Original Mode first, and then let all the items of Boss Mode and Pratice Mode appear, and the number of customs clearances in Option will become unlimited.

List of many treasures

As long as you choose Original Mode to play, the following treasures will appear randomly:

Power times 1.2, 1.5, 2; One hit kills; Bullets +2, +4, +8, unlimited bullets; Life +2, Life+5; Credits +2, +5, +10, unlimited credits; Shirt: Goldman , Amy, Harry, G, grandmother; gun: lure, chemical gun of mystery; dot times, UFO element; raw meat, big head meat; mechine gun, multi-way gun(San Dan Cheung), big bomb gun(the one T-800 used to kill T-1000 in T2); 1/4 of the physical strength.

Get treasures in mode

All EXTRA must use 1.5 or 2.0 ammo to get.

1. In the second level, there is a zombie lying on the car and rushing towards you. After shooting it, you will see a blue car in the parking lot on the right. Shoot the back door of the blue car and it will open. You can get the treasure in the car after that person thank you.

2. At the third level,

You will see a green monster attacking a person on the boat, killing it, saving that person, and shooting at the box on the right side of the background, which contains life extras. When you shoot, a treasure will appear on the boat.

Note: time is short

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