Hospital Tycoon game cheats

Hospital Tycoon game cheats

Hospital Tycoon game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game (Options->bonuscodes):

Cheats Effect
MakeMeAGod The cheats effect of opening the club [attached]
Speedy Increase the speed of doctors and patients
Brainy Increase the speed of doctor skills upgrade
Workhouse No entertainment needs
Bargain Items are cheaper

Cheats effect

Fast = get medical treatment and use facilities faster.

greed = increase the extra income of seeing a doctor. (The yellow part when the patient gives money is increased by the skills of the doctor)

Death Hospital = Turn all hospital staff into the image of death. (What the patient looked like when he died)

transaction = half of the purchase of facilities and establishment of rooms. (But the selling price is still the same, you can pay a little bit.)

Laziness = Unlock all relevant cards 1-3 chapters, a total of 12 levels.

High IQ = Increase the speed of employee skill improvement. (It makes it easier for employees to obtain skill points, but 70% is the upper limit. If you want to continue to increase, please use the advanced nerve upgrade system)

Heavy load machine = Even if the machine maintenance degree is 0%, it will not stop working. (You can see the effect when you don’t buy an engineer)

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