Hitman game cheats

Find hitmancontracts.ini in the game root directory, open it, if you can’t find the file, you can search by CTRL+F

add enableconsolefulllevellist at the end

Then press the “~” key to open the Console during the game, and enter the following cheats:

God 0/1 invincible on/off

Infammo 0/1 Unlimited ammo on/off

Invisible 0/1 hidden on/off

Reload restart the level

Giveall all weapons and items

Give Gun All weapons

Give Sniper all sniper rifles

Give Item All items

Add the following cheats (one kind) behind Give to get guns: AK, AK74M4, M4M60, M60Dragunov, DragunovDesert, Desert, EagleSpas, Spas12Saw, Double, ShotgunShot, ShotgunBall, SilverballersUzi, UziMini, Minigun220, SGAUGGR, MAGlock17, Glock17 , R93WA2000, W2000CZ, CZ2000MP9, MP9#MP, All, Mp’sMP5, MP550, Magnum500Enf, EnforcerKn, KnifeHook, MeathookSyringe, Syringe(Injection)Swo, SwordStun, Electricshocker

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