“Hitman 2: Silent Assassin” game cheats

1. Find the directory where you installed the game. This step is right click on the killer 2 game icon on the desktop, and then press the attribute item. After the attribute is opened, there are 2 options, one is regular and the other It is a shortcut. After pressing the shortcut, there are 2 buttons below, one of which is to find the target. After pressing this button, you can find the files in the game installation directory;

2. Find a file named Hitman2 (looks like a notebook, which is usually the kind with the name readme), right-click to open the properties, you can see that the suffix name is INI (that is, the MS-DOS name: HITMAN2.INI) , Open it after confirming that it is this file, all written in it is some English, add the string of words EnableCheats 1 in the last line (the last blank place, there can be no words in this line), then save it, exit the file, and play the game You can use cheats.

IOIRULEZ invincible mode switch

OIGIVES get all weapons and items

IOIHITLEIF restores health

IOISLO slow motion mode switch

IOIER explosion mode switch

IOIHITALI Ali mode switch

IOILEPOW special attack mode switch

IOIGRV Gravity Effect Switch

IOINGUN Nail Gun Mode Switch

IOIPOWER super power

IOIEQPWEAP gets ammunition

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