Hidden & Dangerous game cheats

Hidden Dangerous game cheats

Hidden & Dangerous game cheats

Enter iamcheater or iwillcheat in the game to turn on the cheats. If the input is correct, you will hear the confirmation sound. Then enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats Effect
allitems All items
allloot All weapons and ammunition
laracroft Change uniforms (including Lola in the tomb)
funnyhead Big head mode
gamefail Current task failed
gamedone or missionover Unsuccessful current task
enemyb Observe the enemy from behind
enemyf Observe the enemy from the front
killthemall Kill all opponents
quickload Fast reading
openalldoor Can open all doors
goodhealth Full of life
resurrect resurrection
bluestars Unknown
playercoords Show coordinates in the upper left corner
cantdie or nohits Invincible mode
showtheend Watch the ending animation
debugdrawwire or debugdrawvolumes Wireframe mode


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