Heroes of Might and Magic 6 cheats

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 cheats

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 cheats


Infinite duplicate soldiers:

1. Build an altar of horizontal suffering (undead race)

2. Resurrect the dead soldiers or hire some soldiers, or use the soldiers from the heroes (always have some soldiers) and put them on the top row of the resurrection screen

3. Move the soldiers on top to the bottom row (note: there can’t be any heroes in town at this time)

4. Go back to this interface (you will find that the soldiers are still in the top row, and this is when the bug appears)

Then switch back to the original team of soldiers here, click to copy a team of soldiers (Note: never more than 7 teams of soldiers, or the hero will jump out when entering the city)

5. heroes into the city to lead the soldiers

If you want to copy more soldiers, you can put all the soldiers in a team and then stay in the top row, you can also put the following team of soldiers to the top (so you have one more soldier to copy)

6 hero out of the city, repeat the above steps until you do not want to copy when all the soldiers are led away (as long as the top team of soldiers to stay on the infinite copy)

After testing, this bug also has an effect on the Church! ~~

Fast level 40:

The central idea: rest for a few years and play a win on the line.

SL brush attributes

1. equip the dynasty weapons, archive (fast archive F5)

2. Read the archive, unload the dynasty weapon (after unloading, weapon bonus attributes and skills will remain on the character)

3. Equip the weapon again, the attributes will be added a second time.

4. Repeat the first step, you know!

Invincible during combat:

At the time of deployment, first put a soldier to the last row of any position below (as long as the mouse can quickly point to the line), the remaining soldiers into the pending deployment bar, and then the mouse pulls up a pending deployment bar soldiers quickly into the location of the already deployed soldiers, this should be very fast, try a few times, you will find that the two soldiers in the same location, in fact, the second time you put the soldiers to replace the original location of the soldiers out, but The system did not replace that soldier out, and so on, you can put all the soldiers into this position, this time there is only one soldier on this position you can click, take this soldier back to the deployment bar, start fighting, this time for the other side, your no soldier at all, because all replaced by you out, the other side will only defend, you can let go of the fight, you can move, the attack will not be counterattack!

Forced use of restricted treasures of the bug

Some advanced treasures have restrictions on the hero itself, for example, mages and other magically inclined heroes can not use some of the treasures that require power inclination, and can not be put into the corresponding equipment bar when you click in the backpack.

If you use a deputy to load the treasure, and the main general to load another treasure in the same position, then the two heroes can directly swap position to position, you can find that the magic hero can also be forced to load the power treasure, and the value is effective. (If the equipment bar is empty then it cannot be given and must be exchanged)

Note that there may be restrictions on the order of exchange, if you find that the exchange from this hero can not be achieved, then change the order of exchange from another hero can be. (And as long as the exchange is successful, you will find that even the empty position can be loaded at this time)

Similarly, some of the race exclusive treasures limited to specific races can also be forced to install through this bug to other race heroes, but the actual effect should be difficult to say.

The biggest role of this BUG is to give the main general to change equipment, such as getting a powerful equipment but limited to the properties can not be installed, but the same location there is another low-level treasure, you can force through this method to replace the original can not be installed on the high-level treasure.

Brush dynasty weapons.

The last level of the hell from the beginning of the location to the left there is a group of monsters guarding the treasure This treasure may be a random dynasty weapon ~!

Many people have already easily swiped the special edition weapons, theoretically you can get your hands on all the dynasty weapons in the game, good luck! ~~~~

Quickly unlock the campaign method.

Open “My Documents Might & Magic Heroes VI your account name”

You will see a file called ProfileData. Open this file with Notepad.

Find it. Change the false that follows this to true (true). Then go into the game and select the campaign level to have a surprise!

The above is suitable for WIN7, XP is not guaranteed to work. (Really can not search the entire disk ProfileData file, you can certainly find the)

Unholy dynasty weapons bug attributes.

1. The famous blood-sucking sword Arachne. Single soldier to return blood 15% multiplied by the number of soldiers.

2. Wind Staff (Staff of Thunderbird). Its no-fly spell on flying soldiers forever no-fly (loss of flight action, and movement reduced to 1)

3. Staff of Light (Staff of Lamentation) Sephir’s Voice: Sephir’s Voice also causes enemy creatures to lose their action for the turn, the target’s attack will dispel the effect, and the target will counterattack. (Its attacks do not dispel the effect and it is forever immobilized for 2 turns).

4. Flood Staff (Staff of Sa-Egris) Master of Magic: The effect of heroic spells is increased by X% for X rounds, and can only be used once per battle; Enhanced Master of Magic: Master of Magic also works on friendly creatures. (only add friendly creatures magic attack, not add the effect of the creature’s spells)

5. Black Staff (Soulstealer’s Staff) Mana Siphon: 20% of the mana spent by enemy heroes is charged to our heroes. (Never sucked…)

5. Regal Sword. Life Force: Friendly units’ life cap is increased by 3%. (Life Force is also effective on the enemy side)

In addition, about the annihilation staff of time short, Sa staff of spell mastery although the enemy army information bar also has this BUFF, but it feels like the enemy does not have the effect.


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