Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game cheats

Heroes Of Might And Magic III The Shadows Of Death Cheats
press Tab to enter
Nwcagents = Add 10 black knights to the empty slots of the hero army
Nwclotsofguns = get all war machines
Nwcneo = level up
Nwctrinity = Add 5 archangels to the space of the hero unit
Nwcfollowthewhiterabbit = the most lucky
Nwcnebuchadnezzar = infinite movement
Nwcmorpheus = maximum morale
Nwcoracle = show treasure map
Nwcwhatisthematrix = show world map
Nwcignoranceisbliss = Hide the world map
Nwctheconstruct = Get 100,000 gold and 100 other resources
Nwcbluepill = immediately fail
Nwcredpill = immediate victory
Nwcthereisnospoon = get 999 mana and all spells
Nwczion = get all the buildings

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia cheats
Press Tab to enter:
Nwconlyamodel=Build all buildings in the city immediately
Nwcsirrobin=The task failed immediately
Nwctrojanrabbit = task completed immediately
Nwcavertingoureyes=Five archangels in every slot in the hero army
Nwcantioch = heroes get ballista, medical cart and ammunition cart
Nwcigotbetter = hero upgrade one level
Nwccastleanthrax=The hero gets the greatest luck
Nwccoconuts = Heroes have unlimited power
Nwcmuchrejoicing=The hero gains maximum morale
Nwcalreadygotone=Watch the fully opened treasure map
Nwcgeneraldirection=Open map
Nwcshrubbery=Add various resources
Nwctim=The hero learns all magic, and the spell points become 999
Nwfleshwound = death knight
Nwcphisherprice=bright color

Heroes of Mightand Magic Ⅲ: Armageddon’s Blade
Press Tab to enter:
Nwcwatto plus 100,000 gold, each resource +100
Nwcdarthmaul add 10 black knights to each empty lead
Nwcr2d2 Give all war machines to the selected hero
Nwccoruscant, all towns have risen to the top
Nwcquigon The selected hero is promoted one level
Nwcpodracer Select heroes to move infinitely
Nwcpadme, add 5 archangels to each empty box
Nwcmidichlorians all magic +999 mana
Nwcprophecy open treasure map
Nwcrevealourselves Open full map

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