Hellgate London game cheats

Hellgate London game cheats

Hellgate London game cheats

Create the best equipment
①The appearance of the NPC will change every time you enter the game, just like every time a new character is created, the appearance changes randomly!
②The NPC that uses materials for equipment, as long as it is refreshed every time, go to him for equipment.
It is recommended to re-enter the largest station of ATC5 after exiting, because the equipment level attributes appearing here are all higher than other places! I did it there. After I quit the game, I entered, and ran to the opposite side of the road to see what equipment it was. Personally think that it is better to retreat and save trouble when changing stations! There is a certain chance that 5-star golden equipment will be produced, and there is a high chance of orange equipment and parts with good attributes! I have brushed 20 times and encountered two golden five-star equipment! But they are not for me (engineering)! (Lazy people who don’t want to dismantle the equipment can directly modify the quantity of materials. The modification method is the same as the method of modifying experience attribute points. It should be noted that the maximum single group upper limit of materials is 5000/group, so that you can always go to the manufacturer to brush equipment Up).
Explain in detail how to brush the model boss
1. Open the game, set the lowest all the lowest, the game view option, it depends on the individual, this is mainly to improve the reading speed

2. Select the character, enter the corresponding place, and look at the picture

3. In order not to waste a little time, directly show the long-range attack towards the model Boss

4. When you are close, switch the attack mode according to your own character tricks and kill it the fastest

5. Check items and exit directly to the main menu

6. Re-select the characters, enter the map, and find that they have returned to the supply station (save a while)

7. Rush to the casting division to see if there is any good equipment, rush to the store, and sort out the equipment that has just been hit

8. Enter again and kill! Remember that the firepower will not be delayed all the way or the high speed will not drop

9. Repeat 2-8 until you feel that the quality of the equipment has declined, exit the game directly (not to the main menu), re-enter, and find that the quality of the equipment has increased again

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