Helicops cheats

Helicops cheats

Helicops cheats

Regain Health
To regain health, during gameplay type /regendam.

During game play, press / and type the word “ironman” in lowercase letters.
Mine Sweeper
2-2 If you’re in the Brutus, it’s a good idea to have a HyperSpeed powerup, especially on Hard mode as one of the bombs is quite difficult to reach and return in time otherwise. Since the bombs aren’t activated until they are picked-up, you may want to hold-off and collect some powerups before tackling the main objective of retrieving and transporting the four bombs.

Terror In Shinjuku
2-1 The Brutus can collect all the hostages in one swoop and its firepower is useful in the later stages of the area, so in general this is a good time touse it. At the other extreme, the Ninja requires eleven hostage trips. Try to find a HyperSpeed powerup here to help in the next level.

Skybase Showdown
1-4 The cloaked SkyBase is at (0,0) in your cockpit position display at around 350 meters up. You can point up and destroy a great many of its aerial protectors from the safety of the ground before uncloaking it (do so by firing at itrepeatedly – the more shots that hit the quicker it will uncloak, so use 20mms and preserve your more damaging weaponry). Assuming you’ve destroyed most if not all of its hover jet protectors (difficult to do in Hard mode), you can simply fly slightly above and behind it and take out the blades one-by-one once it gets moving.

Crisis At Haneda
1-3 If your chaffing skills are good, simply run around collection useful weaponry and other powerups and destroy the ten transports at your leisure.

Superbridge Shakedown
1-2 The tanks on the barges will reach the end of the bridge first, so if you’d like to spend some time collection powerups then drive down the bridge destroying all tanks except for the last two squadrons. Then annihilate the tanks on the barges and explore to your heart is content. A warning message will be shown if the tanks are approaching the end of the bridge, so you will have time to chase after and destroy them if that appears.

Shipyard Search
1-1 Collect the InfoPods in any order – no exact sequence needs to be met. There are three weaponry powerups scattered around; be sure to find and collect them all.




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