Hearts of Iron 2 game cheats

Hearts of Iron 2 game cheats

Hearts of Iron 2 game cheats

Activate the console
1. Press [F12] in the game, and a big black box (console) will appear on the upper left. Enter text in the black box and press Enter to confirm, and the cheats function is realized.

2. Press [Ctrl] + [F12] or [F12] + move the mouse to close the console.

3. Cheat instructions are not case sensitive.
Resource related
energy⇒+ 5000 energy
metal⇒+ 5000 steel
oil⇒+ 5000 oil
rare⇒+ 5000 rare materials
rubber⇒+ 5000 rare materials (valid before v1.2)
money⇒+ 500 money
supplies⇒+ 5000 supplies
nuke [Country TAG]⇒Launch a nuclear bomb to a country. If [Country TAG] is empty, the player will receive a nuclear bomb gift.
manpower⇒The player gets 5000 manpower
transports⇒The player gets 100 transports.
escorts⇒The player gets 100 escorts
Other content
event [event ID] [country TAG] ⇒ activate the corresponding event in the specified country [country TAG] can be empty.
dissent ⇒ 25% increase in dissatisfaction.
acceptall⇒The computer accepts any diplomatic request
neville⇒The computer accepts any diplomatic request (valid before v1.2)
alienattack [province ID]⇒This command will create a country called “alien invaders”
The new country will declare war on countries that have control over the specified [Province ID].
fullcontrol⇒On/Off The player can control all armies (including enemy troops)
nofog⇒On/Off Fog of War function
freedom⇒free to change policy tendency
robespierre⇒Free to change policy tendency (valid before v1.2)
viewtech⇒Display the scientific research information of other countries in the provincial information interface. (The version is valid before v1.2)
tech [ID] [Country TAG]⇒The specified country gets the technology numbered [ID].
revolt [Province ID]⇒Rebellion occurs in the specified province
teleport [Province ID]⇒Teleport the selected unit to the specified [Province ID]
norevolts⇒On/Off rebel function
showid⇒Display the current mouse (selected) in the lower right corner of the screen to highlight the province ID information
showxy⇒Display coordinates in the lower right corner of the screen
savestats⇒The created game statistics file is located in the root directory of Steel Ambition 2, which contains various statistical information and country data.
save [filename]⇒Quickly save to HoI2scenarios subdirectory.
load [filename]⇒Quickly read the archive file in the HoI2scenarios subdirectory.
Note: If the file name is entered incorrectly, the game will crash.
Unknown cheats
The effect of the following cheat commands is disputed after input, please try it yourself.

difrules⇒Invincible cheats
dump [countryTAG]⇒Generate statistical output for the specified country
ai [AI file]⇒Load file in HoI2ai subdirectory
info [Country TAG]⇒Display the information of the specified country
nowar⇒On/Off No war mode
nolimit⇒on/off no limit mode
jstop⇒Unknown role
jstart⇒Unknown role
goto⇒Unknown role, transmission related?
at⇒Unknown role, transmission related?

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