Hearts of Iron 2 Armageddon game cheats

Hearts of Iron 2 Armageddon game cheats

Hearts of Iron 2 Armageddon game cheats

Press [F12] in the game to open the input window:
difrules⇒God mode
nofog⇒Remove the fog of war
norevolts ⇒ defeat the rebels
nowar⇒There will be no war
acceptall⇒The computer accepts all diplomatic requests
fullcontrol⇒Control all countries
showid⇒Show province ID
showxy⇒show ​​coordinates
handsoff⇒Manual control switch
nolimit⇒Remove troop limit
money⇒Add money
manpower⇒Add manpower
rare ⇒ rare material
nuke⇒nuclear bomb
nuke [enemy]⇒Nuke attacks the enemy
escorts ⇒ plus guards
transports⇒add transport
supplies⇒More supplies
freedom⇒national reform
viewtech⇒View the other party’s technical research
dissent⇒Add 25% dissatisfaction
event #⇒Activation event #is the event number
Part of the event+
Use with cheats event #

event 1012⇒Get the research blueprint
event 995⇒-2 dissent, policy moves towards closure
event 996⇒+2 dissent and +15 manpower
event 997⇒-10 national dissidents
event 998⇒-1 disagreement and +25 manpower
event 1000⇒A scientific research was destroyed
event 1001⇒Dissatisfied +5
event 1002⇒Maximum daily supply reserve +200%
event 1003⇒+100 manpower
event 1005⇒Maximum daily supply reserve -100% less than -5
event 1006⇒Industrial efficiency +1? ? Dissatisfied +1
event 1007⇒+30 human resources
event 1008⇒Dissatisfaction +3 Maximum daily replenishment reserve -200%
event 1009⇒Dissatisfied-3
event 1010⇒An industrial value -1
event 1013⇒Industrial efficiency +1% (good stuff for adding 1% to both ic value and resource production!)
event 1014⇒Democracy +2 or Autocracy +2
event 1015⇒Execution of a minister, dissatisfied-1 / dissatisfied plus 1 (not executed)
event 1016⇒Left wing tendency +1 or right wing tendency +1
event 994⇒Policy towards openness or democracy +3 or +5 dissent

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