Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone game cheats

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone game cheats

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone game cheats

In the game you can enter the following passwords (enter directly):
HarryTriggerCheat⇒Get 15 beans
HarryKoresh⇒Invincible Mode
HarryKorWalk⇒ (unknown)
HarryDebugModeOn⇒Turn on debug mode, you can access all related cards (press【F7】to close)
HarryGetsFullHealth⇒Maximum health
HarrySuperJump⇒Super jump
HarryNormalJump⇒Big jump
HARRYSUPERJUMP⇒Super jump (because it is too super, so accidentally jump into the abyss)
(It’s weaker than Super Jump, but it’s also fierce enough. It’s best to hide that smelly cat in the library)
Note: It will be executed immediately after the input is completed, so you have to stand before it, so as not to skip it and it will be bad if you fall to death.

Other cheats:

Directly harrydebugmodeon in the game (if it doesn’t work, please try to enter multiple times), then press ~ to open the console, enter

set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true

Press Enter to confirm, and then enter the following cheats in the game to get the corresponding effect:

Fly⇒Airplane mode (press jump and arrow keys)
Ghost⇒Ghost Mode
Walk⇒Exit ghost mode and airplane mode

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