Hard Reset game cheats

Hard Reset game cheats

Hard Reset game cheats

In the game, you can press [Ctrl] + ~ to open the console window, enter the following command and press Enter to confirm the corresponding effect.
r_draw_hud 1⇒Open HUD
r_draw_hud 0⇒Turn off HUD
r_draw_weapon 1⇒Turn on the weapon
r_draw_weapon 0⇒Turn off the weapon
r_fov 60⇒Set the game field of view to 60
pp_enable 0⇒Disable post-processing
d_budgets⇒Activate budget
d_enemies_xp⇒Debug enemy experience
d_enable_level_select⇒Enable level selection button
g_enable_hints⇒Activation hint message
s_fly_mode⇒Activate flight mode (test is invalid)
In the game, you can also enter similar content in the console to bind the cheats to the shortcut keys (shortcut keys can be set by yourself), which is convenient to use.
bind z “r_draw_weapon 0″⇒Turn off weapon display
bind f5 save⇒Activate quick save [F5]
bind f8 load⇒Activate fast file reading [F8]
bind x “r_draw_weapon 1″⇒Enable weapon display
bind c “r_draw_hud 0″⇒Close HUD
bind v “r_draw_hud 1″⇒Open HUD

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