Half-Life Team Fortress Classic Game Cheats

Half Life Team Fortress Classic Game Cheats

Half-Life Team Fortress Classic Game Cheats

Start cheats mode

Press ~ to open the control window, enter sv-cheats 1 to start the cheats mode, and then enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

mp_allowmonsters⇒Re-enter the level to see all monsters
sv_gravity #⇒Adjust gravity
# Is any number you want to fill in (-9999-9999)
600-700 under normal circumstances
changelevel⇒jump level
sv_friction #⇒Change game speed
tf_weapon_#⇒Get Weapon#
Weapon code
rl⇒Rocket Launcher
gl ⇒ unknown
spammer ⇒ unknown
tranq⇒Anesthesia gun
ac⇒chain gun
rpg⇒Rocket Launcher
supershotgun⇒Super shotgun
flamethrower⇒flame bomb

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