Half-Life Redemption game cheats

Half Life Redemption game cheats

Half-Life Redemption game cheats

Use the command line -dev -toconsole> to start the game, if the orange text does not appear, enter “~” to enter the cheating mode

Type “sv_cheats 1” and then type “~” and the following code:

/god⇒God mode;
/noclip⇒through the wall;
/notarget⇒The enemy does not attack;
impulse 101⇒Full of weapons and ammunition;
/map (map name)⇒Map selection;
/thirdperson⇒The third person perspective;
sv_gravity #⇒Adjust gravity, the range is from -999 to 999999
/give (item name)⇒Get an item.
+reload⇒Auto reload
-reload⇒Disable auto reload
Combat tips:

1. You are not the only one fighting aliens. Although those commandos are your enemies, they will fight aliens just like you. So once you find that there are aliens and commandos in a certain scene at the same time, hide in a corner that they can’t pay attention to, wait for them to decide between the male and female, then come out to clean the battlefield that has been deserted!

2. Use security guards as your backup team. In the game, get yourself very close to them and talk to them until they say the following: “You’re right, we’ll have a better chance together “After that, they will follow you behind, and when you encounter aliens and commandos in the future, they will help you fight your opponents together.

3. When you find that you are seriously injured and unable to recover your health in time, try to find a scientist nearby, walk in and talk to him, when he says the following words: “Let me take care of That wound for you”, you may get an unexpected big surprise, but this is not always successful, so you might as well try a few more times.

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