Half-Life Opposing Force game cheats

Half Life Opposing Force game cheats

Half-Life Opposing Force game cheats

Start the game with -console command line

Press the “~” key and type sv_cheats 1 to open the cheats mode

Cheats Effect
/notarget The enemy does not attack
/Thirdperson Third person perspective
IMPULSE 101 get all weapons and ammunition
/GOD Immortal
/NOCLIP Through the wall mode
/MAP xxxx Jump off
/GIVE xxxx Get xxxx equipment
/GIVE WEAPON-X Get weapon X

Little cheats:

When approaching the BOSS during the game, you will hear this sentence: “To win the game you must kill me Randy Pictchford.”

Selection Cheats:

Use with cheats/map

c0a0 c0a0a c0a0b c0a0c c0a0d c0a0e c1a0 c1a0a c1a0b c1a0c c1a0d c1a0e c1a1 c1a1a c1a1b c1a1c c1a1d c1a1f c1a2 c1a2a c1a2b c1a2c c1a2d c1a3 c1a3a c1a3b c1a3c c1a3d c1a4 c1a4b c1a4d c1a4e c1a4f c1a4g c1a4i c1a4j c1a4k c2a1 c2a1a c2a1b c2a2 c2a2a c2a2b1 c2a2b2 c2a2c c2a2d c2a2e c2a2f c2a2g c2a2h c2a3 c2a3a c2a3b c2a3c c2a3d c2a3e c2a4 c2a4a c2a4b c2a4c c2a4d c2a4e c2a4f c2a4g c2a5 c2a5a c2a5b c2a5c c2a5d c2a5e c2a5f c2a5g c2a5w c2a5x c3a1 c3a1a c3a1b c3a2 c3a2a c3a2b c3a2c c3a2d c3a2e c3a2f c4a1 c4a1a c4a1b c4a1c c4a1d c4a1e c4a1f c4a2 c4a2a c4a2b c4a3 c5a1
Map list

ofboot0, ofboot1, ofboot2, ofboot3, ofboot4, of0a0, of1a1, of1a2, of1a3, of1a4, of1a4b, of1a5, of2a1, of2a1b, of2a2, of2a3, of2a4, of2a5, of2a5b, of3a1, of3a2, of3a3, of3a4, of3a5, of3a6, of4a1, of4a2, of4a3, of4a4, of4a5, of5a1, of5a2, of5a3, of5a4, of6a1, of6a2, of6a3, of6a4, of6a4b, of6a5, of7a0

Equipment list:

Use with cheats /give
item_airtank item_antidote item_battery
item_healthkit item_longjump item_security
item_sodacan item_suit ammo_357 ammo_9mmAR
ammo_9mmbox ammo_9mmclip ammo_ARgrenades
ammo_buckshot ammo_crossbow ammo_egonclip
ammo_gaussclip ammo_glockclip ammo_mp5clip
ammo_mp5grenades ammo_rpgclip
List of weapons

cooperate cheats /GIVE WEAPON- use

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