Half-Life Cry of Fear Game Cheats

Half Life Cry of Fear Game Cheats

Half-Life Cry of Fear game cheats:

Cheats Effect
sv_cheats 1 Open cheats
crosshair 1 Open crosshair
buddha Immortal (life value is always ≥1, can be used without opening cheats)
give Get things (appear at your feet, you have to pick them up by yourself)
map Load a map
map hc_map12 Type map in the console and add a space, there will be many map names, choose one by yourself)
give weapon_crowbar Loading the real finale
give weapon_betonvas iron tube
give weapon_knife Shit stick
give item_healthkit kitchen knife
give item_suit First aid kit
give weapon_shotgundouble Flashlight
give weapon_smg1 Donor weapons
give item_battery Micro punch
give weapon_pistol camera(????)
give weapon_drill pistol
give weapon_shotgun Electric drill
give weapon_rpg Shotgun
give weapon_frag Laser guided rocket launcher
give weapon_crossbow Fragmentation grenade
give weapon_357 Special crossbow

Remarks: As the mod creator gradually blocked the cheats function in the later stage, many later versions can only use some cheats or even not use cheats at all.

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