Half-life Counter strike game cheats

Half life Counter strike game cheats

Half-life Counter strike game cheats

Game cheats:

In the game, press ~ to start the console, enter

sv_cheats 1

Start cheats mode

In the game, press ~ and enter the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:


1. The # in the cheats represents a number, please replace it.

2. Sometimes, the password will be invalid. After entering sv_cheats 1 and then entering god, nothing is displayed (in normal circumstances, it should display god mode on and not display, indicating that the cheats are not valid).

When this happens, usually after entering the game, reading the archive and starting the game, the way to solve it is to restart the game, or enter the next link in the game, that is, to enter a new scene, which needs to be downloaded from the hard disk. loading…after the data.

Or, exit the game, read, and repeat the operation!

sv_airaccelerate -9999⇒Super jump
god⇒Invincible mode
mp_startmoney 16000 ⇒ starts at 16000
give spaceweapon_awp⇒Arctic sniper rifle
sv_aim⇒Sniper rifle automatic aiming
sv_gravity <-999-999999>⇒ change gravity
gl_zmax <0-9999>⇒Perspective effect default 3600
gl_zmax 0⇒See through the wall and shoot through the wall to kill
mp_allowmonsters 1⇒The enemy is invisible
sv_clipmode 1⇒Clip mode
cl_hidefrags 0⇒See other people’s killing and killing records
cl_forwardspeed 999⇒Maximum forward speed
cl_backspeed 999 ⇒ maximum side shift speed
cl_sidespeed 999⇒Maximum back speed
changelevel⇒select level
give ⇒ manufacture items
skin⇒change appearance
+reload⇒Auto reload
-reload⇒Exit auto reload
lambert #⇒Brighten all around
mp_c4timer <1-100>⇒Set C4 time
sv_clienttrace 9999⇒Super automatic aiming
sv_clienttrace 0000⇒Exit automatic aiming
adjust crosshair⇒change crosshair color
crosshair <1-5>⇒ zoom in the crosshair when shooting
mp_freezetime #⇒Set the safe time at the beginning of each round.
0 is off, the default value is 8 seconds
mp_roundtime <3-15>⇒Set the round time, the default value is 551
mp_friendlyfire <0 or 1>⇒ teammate shooting mode
mp_timelimit #⇒Set the time of map change, the default value is 0
mp_footsteps <0 or 1>⇒Set footstep sound The default is 1
mp_flashlight <0 or 1>⇒Automatically turn on the light when shooting, the default is 1
cl_observercrosshair <0 or 1>⇒The client is set to 1 to allow crosshairs to appear when the observer, 0 to prohibit
timeleft⇒Show how much time is left on this map
dm <0 or 1>⇒A briefing (on/off) appears when changing maps, the default value is 1
ghosts <0 or 1>⇒observation mode (on/off), the default value is 0
ah <0 or 1>⇒Auto prompt help message, default is 1
sv_clienttrace 999999999⇒Enable the super automatic aiming function The default is 1
r_lightmap 1⇒The surroundings are white (change the resolution to 800×600 or higher)
net_graph <0 or 1>⇒Display picture
cvarlist or cmdlist⇒List cheats
Press [Page Up] or [Page Down] to turn pages
unbind⇒The currently bound shortcut key
kill ⇒ suicide
-numericping⇒Display ping value
hud_fastswitch (0 or 1)⇒Change weapons faster
sv_wateraccelerate 999⇒Can move quickly in water
sv_waterfriction #⇒Set friction in water
sv_wateraccelerate #⇒Set water acceleration
sv_stopspeed #⇒Set stop speed
sv_friction #⇒Set game friction
sv_airaccelerate⇒Set air acceleration
mp_startmoney #⇒Change the amount of money in the game
mp_c4timer #⇒Set C4 explosion time
mp_buytime #⇒Set shopping time
sv_maxspeed #⇒Set the maximum running speed
sv_accelerate #⇒Set acceleration
sv_cheats 0⇒Exit cheats mode
pausable 1⇒Pause (seems useless)
mp_roundtime⇒Set round time
mp_flashlight 1⇒Increase brightness
mp_autokick 1⇒Auto kick people
coop⇒Set to cooperation mode
deathmatch⇒Set deathmatch mode mode
net_address⇒Display the IP and port of the server
Weapon cheats

give weapon_aug
give weapon_p288
give weapon_scout
give weapon_m249
give weapon_mp5navy
give weapon_mac 10
give weapon_m3
give weapon_g3sg1
give weapon_glock18
give weapon_p90
give weapon_elite
give weapon_deagle
give weapon_sg552
give weapon_m4a1
give weapon_xm1014
give weapon_ak47
give spaceweapon_awp
give weapon_flashbang
give weapon_hegrenade
give weapon_smokegrenade
give weapon_defuser
give weapon_awp
give weapon_sig550
give weapon_ump45
give weapon_usp
give weapon_kevlar
give weapon_nightvision
How to make the game screen image better

How should the game screen image be better? Press ~ during the game and enter the following command: gl_ztrick X, this item will reduce the accuracy of z-buffer. The default is 0, but if your video card is older, you can set it to 1

cl_himodelsX high resolution model, the default is 0, if your computer’s cpu or video card is very powerful, you can set it to 1.

hud_fastswitch X You can enter when you want to use the keyboard to change weapons

x=1 open

x=0 off


XX The time the teammates talk to stay on the screen, preset x=6

hud_deathnotice_time XX notifies teammates of the time that the conversation stays on the screen when XX dies,

Default x=6 fastsprites

X smoke resolution The default value is generally x=0,

Set to 1 will be faster but more ugly

Set 2 is the fastest but more ugly

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