Half-Life Alyx game cheats

Half Life Alyx game cheats

Half-Life Alyx game cheats

First open the game console:

To enable the developer console, players will need to follow these steps before launching the game.

1.Inside the Steam Library tab, right-click Half-Life Alyx.
2.Select Properties from the menu.
3.Select Set Launch Options from the new window.
4.Enter the following into the text bar: -console -vconsole
5.Press OK.

Now Half-Life Alyx is set up to add in the cheat codes. Open the game now and start a New Game or load up a saved game. Once a player is in the actual game all they will need to do is press “~” on the keyboard to open up the console. Once pressed, a new window will open up on your monitor but not inside the VR headset. Remove the headset and enter any of the commands below for the cheats requested.

god⇒God-mode invincibility.
buddha⇒Players can’t die, but will take damage.
impulse 101⇒Unlocks all weapons and 20 resin
impulse 102⇒Fully upgrades every weapon.
sv_infinite_ammo 1⇒Gives players unlimited ammunition for all weapons.
sv_infinite_clips 1⇒Gives players unlimited ammunition for all weapon clips, no more reloading needed.
hlvr_shotgun_grant_upgrades 3⇒Unlocks a completely upgraded shotgun.

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