Guitar Hero World Tour game cheats

Go to Option–>Cheats–>Enter New Cheat in the main menu, and then follow the instructions below to input one by one. After inputting, you need to open the relevant functions in Cheats.

Performance Mode performance mode, extremely difficult mode, no score, performance by memory

Yellow yellow blue red blue green red red

Hyperspeed high-speed mode, it is recommended to turn on at the beginning, the default speed is too slow

Green blue red yellow yellow red green green

Auto Kick drum mode free kick drum, there is no bonus after using this secret technique

Yellow green red blue blue blue blue red

Unlock Quickplay can play all songs directly under Quickplay

Blue blue red green green blue blue yellow

Unlock character:


Blue red yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow green


Green red blue green red blue blue green

Johnny Viper

Blue red blue blue yellow yellow yellow green


Blue red green green yellow yellow yellow green

Air Instruments air instruments, you can only see the hand waving, but the instrument cannot be seen

Red red blue yellow green green green yellow

Invisible Characters, no people can be seen

Green red yellow yellow yellow blue blue green

New venue

AT&T Ballpark

Yellow green red red green blue red yellow

Final song: My favorite band, Dream Theater-Pull Me Under!

After clearing any instrument of any difficulty

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