Griftlands game guide

Griftlands game guide

Griftlands game guide

A reasonable distribution of life and will can effectively increase the player’s combat ability.

Here are some practical skills related to life and will. Use them well to get a lot of benefits.

1. Be sure to go to the night market before going to bed and use up your life to upgrade the graft slot, unless the assassin plot is triggered the next day.

Because a large amount of blood will be restored when sleeping, it is easy to overflow and waste the next day.

2. Try to make friends with philanthropists. After entering their camp, you can receive blessings and treatments every day. Free things are good things.

3. Try to avoid drinking or eating to solve the problem, which will reduce the speed of the game in battle, whether it is negotiation or fighting.

Always drink to make people like you instead of regaining determination, and then try to get into easy negotiations and get rid of ID.

4. Letting the Heshen believers love you will also bring benefits in the negotiation, allowing you to regain your will in every round of negotiation and make you calm and calm.

How to upgrade pet training


For the upgrade of pets, look for pet merchants in the black market.

Players need to spend a certain amount of money to upgrade, after the upgrade, the ability of the pet will be improved.

The specific attribute changes vary according to different pets, and overall it is good, although the price is a bit expensive.


The training of pets is very important, and this is different from upgrades, which cannot be done by merchants.

Training needs to be triggered by random events. Players often encounter some randomly triggered events during the game.

It may include training time for the pet, and the pet will not be obedient until the training is completed.

Without training, pets may in turn cause harm to the player themselves during negotiation with the enemy.

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