Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game cheats

Enter the Grand Theft Auto Vice City game, release the mouse, and then use the keyboard to input the English words corresponding to the cheats. For example, directly input the letters “thugtools” in the game to obtain stick weapons. (For the convenience of reading, the following cheats use spaces to separate words from words. In the actual input, there is no need to enter spaces)

Grand Theft Auto weapon

thugs tools-stick weapons

professional tools-gun weapons

nutter tools-abnormal weapons

precious protection-full body armor

aspirine-full blood

panzer-give you a tank

sea ​​ways-the car can drive in the water (shoal launching)

you wont take me alive-add 2 cops to catch your star

leave me alone-police star becomes zero

a pleasant day-nice weather

a lovely day-super nice weather

a bit drieg-Yuntian

cats and dogs-rainy day

cant see a thing-foggy day

life is passing me by-time flies faster

big bang-all nearby cars explode

still like dressing up-changing player character

fight fight fight-people fighting on the street

nobody likes me-attack a citizen for more damage

our god given right to bear arms-everyone on the street has arms

on speed-go faster

booooooring-go slower

wheels are all ineed-the car is all ineed.. only the wheels

come fly with me-flies fly around (cars will float)

grip is everything-the vehicle has a steam ejection function (shift)

chases tat-Show media level above 2 stars

chicks with guns-The subordinates become M4 MM (the premise must be the boss)

i cant take it anymore-suicide

green light-all traffic lights turn green

miami traffic-cars drive fast on the road

ah air dresser scar-all the cars on the road turn purple

i want it pain ted black-all the cars on the road turn into the color after the explosion

travel in style-The car will fly

the last ride-give you a funeral car

rock and roll car-give you a luxury car

rubbish car-give you a rubbish car

get the refast-give you a SABRE TURBO

better than walking-give you a caddy

look like lance-LANCE skin

my son is a lawyer-lawyer skin

i look like hilary-HILARY SKIN

rock and roll man-rock and roll dancer skin

one armed bandit-bandit skin

i dont have the money sonny-MAFIOSI SKIN

loads of little things-sports car wheels get bigger (only INFERNUS, CHEETAH)

hopingirl-people nearby get in your car

air ship-the speedboat will float

foxy little thing-MAFIOSI DAUGHTER SKIN (daughter)

we love our dick-SCOTTISH SKIN (Scottish)

get there quickly-get there quickly

get there very fast indeed-get there very fast indeed

get there amazingly fast-get there amazingly fast

fanny magnet-women will be attracted to you

cheats have been cracked-BALDGUY SKIN

certain death-with a cigarette in your mouth

deep fried mars bars-get fat



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