Grand Theft Auto IV game cheats

(Enter the following number in Niko’s mobile phone to call)

1, Health And Weapons-GTA-555-0100 Life and Weapons
2, Weapons-GUN-555-0150 weapon
3, Advanced Weapons-GUN-555-0100 Advanced Weapons
4, Health-DOC-555-0100 Life
5, Wanted Level Down-COP-555-0100 Wanted Level Down
6, Wanted Level Up-COP-555-0150 Wanted Level Up
7, Climate Change-HOT-555-0100
8, Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car)-CAR-555-0142 The following looks like vehicle names
9, Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike)-MBK-555-0150
10, Spawn FBI Buffalo-CAR-555-0100
11, Spawn Turismo-CAR-555-0147
12, Spawn NRG900-MBK-555-0100
13, Spawn Comet-CAR-555-0175
14, Spawn SuperGT-CAR-555-0168
15, Spawn Police Chopper-FLY-555-0100
16, Spawn Jetmax (Boat)-WET-555-0100

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