Grand Theft Auto: How to fly in Vice City

After getting the Dodo plane at the airport, go to the runway where no plane is flying and prepare to take off. When sprinting, press and hold the preset “6” key to accelerate the nose down and see the nose close to the ground (you can also listen to the sound When “female female female female female”) release the “6” button, it will take off. But remember to remember two important points, 1. Try to keep the flying level as far as possible (a few degrees of tilt is no problem). 2. The keys to control the aircraft are w up, s down, a left, d right, 9 (airplane up), 6 (airplane down), it is recommended that players never press 9 (airplane up), because it will fall more Hurry up, when you see the plane falling down, you can’t press 9. The plane will naturally fly up again, fall down again, fly up again, fall down again… If the technique is good, it will never fall. Down.

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