Grand Theft Auto 3 game cheats

Enter the following password in the game:

Gunsgunsguns=Get all weapons

Ifiwerearchman=Get extra money

Gesundheit=full health

Morepoliceplease=Higher wanted mode

Nopoliceplease=lower wanted mode

Giveusatank=Give a tank

Bangbangbang=Destroy all vehicles

Ilikedressingup=Change outfit

Itsallgoingmaaad=crazy pedestrian

Nobodylikesme=All pedestrians attack you

Weaponsforall=Pedestrians fight each other

Timeflieswhenyou=time flies

Madweather=The game clock is very fast

Boooooring=Faster game progress

Turtoise=Get 100% armor

skincancerforme=clear weather


Ilovescotland=It’s raining


Anicesetofwheels=Invisible vehicles

Chittycittybb=flying vehicle

Cornerslikemad=Improved car handling

Nastylimbscheat=Blood Mode

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  1. […] Grand Theft Auto 3 game cheats […]

  2. […] Grand Theft Auto 3 game cheats […]

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